Terrorist Threats

Terrorist Threatening Defense Lawyer

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania if you, or your child, threaten to inflict bodily harm on another person you can ultimately face criminal charges. This is true regardless of whether or not you meant it, or carried out any of the threats or ultimately assaulted someone. If all you did was threaten to harm, hurt, injure or kill someone you may face terroristic threatening charges. This is a very serious charge and you should not hesitate to speak with a qualified Kennett Square Pennsylvania Terroristic Threatening Attorney.

Pennsylvania Terrorist Threatening Offenses

Under Pennsylvanian law a person is guilty of terroristic threatening when he or she:

  1. Threatens to commit a crime likely to result in death or serious injury to another person
  2. Makes false statements that are likely to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, facility or public transportation
  3. Commits an act with the intent of causing an individual to believe that they have been exposed to a substance that will cause death or serious injury

Pennsylvania Terrorist Threatening Penalties

Terroristic threatening is typically a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania. Penalties include fines, possible probation, possible community service and, depending on your criminal history, even jail time.

If the threats were made against an elderly person, or the place at risk was a daycare, nursery, school or elderly care facility you may be charged with a felony. Felony charges carry with them significantly more severe consequences.

Contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

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