Temporal Lobe Injuries

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There are two temporal lobes in the brain, one on each side of the head. The temporal lobes are situated at ear level. The temporal lobes are responsible for differentiating between various smells. It also enables us to tell one sound from another. The right temporal lobe is also related to visual memory function. The left temporal lobe is associated with verbal cue memory.

Accidents Injuring the Temporal Lobe in Media Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Accidents Injuring the Temporal Lobe

Various types of accidents can injure the temporal lobe. As the two temporal lobes are on the side of the head a side impact collision can cause serious injury to the temporal lobe. Side impact collisions typically occur at intersections. When the other vehicle strikes your car your head can hit the window with great force. The force that is exerted at impact can ultimately damage the temporal lobe. While side impact or T-Bone collisions are commonly associated with temporal lobe injuries any type of car accident can damage the temporal lobe. Other types of injuries that can injure the temporal lobe are animal attacks, assault, slips and falls.

Recovering from a Temporal Lobe Injury

After a temporal lobe injury your life may never be the same. Your hearing ability, language comprehension and emotional stability may all be impacted. With that you may need long term care and have to undergo years of therapy. As these necessities can put you and your family under extreme financial strain it is in your best interest to contact a West Chester Pennsylvania Brain Injury Lawyer.

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