Swimming Pool Accidents

Delaware County Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers

Each year many people, both children and adults alike, are injured or killed via drowning in Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Accidents. The injuries sustained in a Chester County PA Swimming Pool Accident can be minor, severe or catastrophic. In the unfortunate event that you or your child suffered an injury in an indoor, outdoor, personally owned or privately owned swimming pool in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area please understand that you have rights. Also, you may be entitled to compensation and benefits under Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law. If you have been hurt in a swimming pool or diving accident it is in your best interest to consult with a Kennett Square Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Accident Attorney.

Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia

Call The Chester County Premises Liability Lawyers at The Law Office of Donze & Donze regarding your Delaware County Swimming Pool Injury claim. Donze & Donze can be reached at 610-444-8018. The West Chester Pennsylvania Drowning Accident Lawyers at Donze & Donze have offices in Kenntt Square and Media, Pennsylvania to better serve you.

Injuries Sustained in Philadelphia Swimming Pool Accidents

Donze & Donze handle all types of accidents and their resulting injuries you may suffer in a swimming pool accident including, but not limited to head, neck and back injuries. Drownings, slip and fall accidents, and animal attacks are also common swimming pool accident and injury cases handled by Donze & Donze.

Causes of Drowning

Drowning can happen for a variety of reasons. Especially when an individual is not planning on swimming, a simple slip and fall incident that results in the victim landing in the water can cause a drowning accident to occur. At other times, a seasoned swimmer can be caught unawares if a beach volleyball or basketball hits him in the head with enough force to knock him out and he becomes submerged and unconscious.

Liability in a Delaware County Swimming Pool Accident

In a Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Accident there are normally 1 of 2 scenarios involved in determining liability. The first scenario involves filing your claim against the homeowner, business owner or property owner. Pennsylvania has laws and safety regulations regarding swimming pool safety that must be adhered to. If they are not and you are injured as a result you may be entitled to various means of compensation under Pennsylvania law.

The second scenario is less common and involves filing your claim against the swimming pool manufacturer or diving board manufacturer and installer. The events leading up to your accident and circumstances surrounding how it occurred will help your attorney establish any and all liable parties.

Call a Kennett Square Swimming Pool Accident Law Office

Injuries sustained in a swimming pool or diving accident can be severe, debilitating and life threatening. You may also have lost a loved one in the accident or they may now suffer from some form of paralysis. It may take years to recover physically, emotionally and financially from the accident. Do not face this tragedy alone. Call Donze & Donze and let them take care of the legal and administrative aspects of filing your claim appropriately and get you compensation for your injuries. You will be afforded peace of mind knowing that they are fighting for your rights while you focus on recovering. Mr. Donze can be reached at 610-444-8018. You may also email them here to schedule a free consultation.