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A Pennsylvania shoplifting charge is a serious crime that can be committed by anyone. It is commonly a crime committed by juveniles and students but adults can shoplift, or steal, as well. You may think you know all the shoplifting tricks in the book, but if convicted, the charge can follow you around for many years and effect you ability to gain employment and your academic status among other things. If you, or your child, has been accused of shoplifting in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania you should speak with a Media Pennsylvania Shoplifting Lawyer at once.

Pennsylvania Shoplifting Laws

A Pennsylvania shoplifting charge is usually misdemeanor as items stole from a store or retain establishment are normally small dollar items. If the items taken were over $2,000.00 in value shoplifting can be deemed a felony and you may face jail time. As with many crimes, if you have a prior record the penalties may be even more severe.

Shoplifting Defense In Pennsylvania

Many times in a shoplifting case you are caught committing the crime on video or via surveillance camera. That does not mean that you should automatically plead guilty or face the charge alone. A skilled Delaware County Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyer will devise a defense strategy in an attempt to lessen the charges or work out a favorable plea with the prosecution. As your attorney Ms. Donze will get to know you as well as the details of your case. She will do her best to convey to the prosecution that you are a good person and may have just committed a one time mistake.

Also, many times shoplifting charges may be coupled with other charges such as being caught in possession of drugs or alcohol. If that is the case Ms. Donze will attempt to leverage those additional charges in an effort to obtain you the most favorable outcome possible.

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