Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney (POA) In Pennsylvania

Many times someone may not be able to care for themselves and, due to accident, age or illness. They may also not be able to make certain decisions regarding their lives. In a situation such as this it may be beneficial to draft a Pennsylvania Power of Attorney. A skilled Chester County Power of Attorney Lawyer can assist you with this.

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Establishing A POA

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a power of attorney (P.O.A.) is a legally binding document that lends corroboration to the relationship between two parties or people. These people are designated ‘principal’ and ‘agent’. The POA allows the agent to act on behalf of the principal legally. The power of attorney can be drafted for very general purposes or it can be tailored to serve a very specific purpose. The power of attorney will explicitly outline what business, medical or financial transactions and activities the agent may engage in on behalf of the principal.

A Pennsylvania POA typically allows the agent to perform regular activities such as paying bills, balancing checkbook, managing investments, properties and making medical decisions.

The two most common powers of attorney are Financial POA and Health Care POA.

Difference Between a General vs. Durable POA

A general power of attorney is the broadest allocation of responsibility for a P.O.A. A general can do anything the principal of the agreement has the power to do. On the other hand, a durable power of attorney grants the attorney the right to make decisions on behalf of the principal should the principal become sick or incapacitated.

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