Paralysis Injuries in PA

Paralysis, which is defined as an inability to perform voluntary motions and movements due to loss of muscle control, is usually the result of an accident or injury in which the Head, Brain & Spinal Cord were severely injured. There are various types of paralysis that can be experienced. What dictates the type of paralysis is what part of the nervous system was impacted in the injury. This is due to the fact that various portions of the Central Nervous System innervate different parts of the body.  A skilled Kennett Square Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to help you with your claim if you have lost use of an appendage, body part, or bodily function as a result of an accident due to another’s negligence. Call the Law Office of Donze & Donze at 610-444-8018.

Paralysis Types

  1. Quadraplegia (also known as Tetraplegia): Inability to use all 4 limbs
  2. Paraplegia: Paralysis of the lower body, including the legs
  3. Monoplegia: Paralysis of one limb
  4. Hemiplegia: Paralysis of one side of the body; either right or left
  5. Diplegia: Paralysis of both appendages i.e. both arms or both legs

Types of Injuries & Accidents Possibly Causing Paralysis

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