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Mass transit accidents typically consist of an accident involving bus, taxi, train or subway. While these systems are primarily designed to provide safe, convenient and reliable transportation they can also be involved in an accident. Many Pennsylvanians have come to rely on public transportation in order to get to and from work, school and other necessary destinations. These same people have also come to expect that they will arrive safely at their destination and out of harms way. Unfortunately, each year many people in Southeastern, PA are injured as a result of careless driving or faulty products associated with the mass transit system. The Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Office of Donze & Donze maintain that those companies or public authorities should be held responsible while in their care.

Possible Mass Transit Accident Vehicles

Causes of Mass Transit Accidents in Pennsylvania

Concerns After the Accident

If you are involved in a mass transit accident in Delaware there are several steps you should take to defend and protect yourself. Normally a claim card will be given out at the accident scene. This will be done by the responsible party or institution. Once a card is secured it may make sense to contact a qualified Chester County Mass Transit Accident Attorney.

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Filing a claim in a timely manner is important regarding getting the maximum amount of compensation for your pain,suffering, medical bills etc after a mass transit accident. Contact The Law Office of Donze & Donze to discuss your claim. Mr. Donze has over 30 years experience helping those injured in accidents in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks & Philadelphia Counties. Mr. Donze and his staff will work very closely with you throughout the legal process whether a settlement is involved, or your case needs to go to trial. Mr. Donze can be reached at 610-444-8018 or by email.