Harmful Medications

In 2021 it seems that every week there is a new medication or drug that is under scrutiny due to the adverse effects it has on patients. And it inevitably comes out that the drug company knew about the side effects and capacity for harm, cancer, injury or death but neglected to warn the public. Common examples are Zantac, most type-2 diabetes drugs such as Invokana, Truvada HIV PrEP medication and the weight loss drug Belviq. Cancers of various types seem to be the most common health issue caused by these drugs but others, like Truvada, can also lead to bone density loss even in young otherwise healthy individuals. If you have taken an over the counter medication, or prescription medication, and have been diagnosed with cancer or any health condition and you think the drug caused it, please contact our injury attorneys handling harmful medication lawsuits. They offer free case evals and charge no fees if they are unable to recover benefits and financial compensation for you.