Fire Truck Accidents

Firetruck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving Pennsylvania firetrucks can inflict extremely serious, severe and deadly injuries. They travel at very high rates of speed and adhere to different traffic laws when heading to a fire or other type of emergency. The sheer mass and weight of a firetruck means that it can go from a common safety vehicle to a dangerous and deadly machine if it is involved in an accident. If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a Delaware County Pennsylvania Firetruck Accident do not hesitate to contact a Media Pennsylvania Firetruck Accident Lawyer.

Reasons for Pennsylvania Firetruck Accidents

Firetrucks in Delaware County, Pennsylvania are allowed to operate differently than civilian vehicles. They are legally allowed to drive through red lights, intersections and stop signs. They assume that other vehicles on the road will see and hear them and get out of their path. While this is normally true a firetruck can also be driven or operated negligently, they can be operated by exhausted firefighters and can be poorly maintained. If any of these, or other reasons, caused you to be injured in a Media Pennsylvania Fire Department Vehicle Accident you may be entitled to benefits, damages and compensation.

Chester County Pennsylvania Firetruck Accident Injuries

An accident caused by a Chester Pennsylvania firetruck can inflict many serious and debilitating injuries such as:

Contact a Kennett Square PA Fire Department Vehicle Accident Lawyer

The West Chester Pennsylvania Accident Lawyers at Donze & Donze are here to help you and your family following your accident. Moving on can be very cumbersome and putting your life back together after your accident can take years. Let Donze & Donze help you by fighting to get you the benefits you deserve. Call The Delaware County Government Service Vehicle Accident Attorneys at Donze & Donze. They can be contacted at 610-444-8018. You can also click here to email a Media Pennsylvania Firetruck Accident Law Office here.

The Delaware County Trucking Accident Attorneys at Donze & Donze offer free consultations for Delaware accident and injury victims. They also handle accident and injury cases on a contingency fee basis which means they they charge nothing unless they recover for you.