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In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, drugs, medications or narcotics is illegal. If convicted you may be facing many types administrative, financial as well as legal consequences. You should not try to navigate the Pennsylvania legal system without the help of our skilled Kennett Square PA DUI defense lawyers.

Please feel free to contact our Chester County DUI attorneys for a free case review. They will explain all possible defense options and plea situations to you which will allow you to make an informed decision regarding what to do. Our Kennett Square PA DUI defense lawyers will do whatever is necessary to have your charges dropped or dismissed.

Where Our DUI Defense Attorneys Serve

Our Kennett Square PA DUI defense lawyers serve all of Chester County, Pennsylvania. This includes, but is not limited to, Coatesville, Avondale, Avon Grove, Downingtown, Exton, Paoli, Nottingham, Tredyffrin, Nantmeal, Coventry, Upper Uwchlan, Phoenixville, West Chester, Kennett Twp, Fallowfield Twp, PA.

Pennsylvania DUI Laws & Pennsylvania DUI Penalties

1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense

Minimum Jail Time Served

No minimum jail time required.

5 day minimum and up to 6 months jail sentence

10 day minimum and up to 2 years jail sentence

Fines & Penalties


$300 – $2500

$500 – $5,000

Driver’s License Suspension


12 Months

12 Months

Ignition Interlock Device Required

Yes if the accused refused to take the chemical test

Yes for up to 12 months, or the duration of the restricted license

Yes for up to 12 months, or the duration of the restricted license.

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) as well as prior criminal and DUI history will affect the penalties you face. For instance,  if a first time DUI offender’s BAC is .10% to .159%, you will have to serve a mandatory 2 day jail sentence and potentially remain in jail for up to 6 months. In addition, the accused may have to pay a $500 to $5,000 fine. If a first time DUI offender’s BAC is above .16%, you will have to serve a mandatory 3 day jail sentence and potentially remain in jail for up to 6 months. Fines can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Why Hire Our Kennett Square DUI Defense Lawyers 

If you have been picked up for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol in Chester County, PA you need an experienced Chester County DUI attorney to help you? Are you unsure of whether or not hiring a lawyer can help your situation? Do you know how to go about choosing a DUI Defense lawyer? You need to consider hiring our Kennett Square DUI attorneys to defend your DUI case.

With an office in Kennett Square, PA our PA DUI lawyers have many years experience representing people in Southeastern Pennsylvania who have been arrested on DUI charges of all types. Our team of Kennett Square PA DUI defense lawyers are well aware of any penalties & consequences you may face as well as possible alternatives available, such as ARD,  per Pennsylvania DUI statutes.

In any criminal charge, including DUI, there are certain rights an individual has that are in need of being protected.  At times these right may be violated by law enforcement officials. Our West Chester DUI attorneys completely understands these rights and helps to protect them.

As our legal team devotes a large portion of their practice to defending DUI cases they’re aware that evidentiary issues may come up. These can potentially jeopardize the success of the case. With that in mind, our Kennett Square PA DUI lawyers will fight to suppress illegally obtained & improper evidence regarding your case.

With many years of defending DUI cases, our DUI attorneys knows what is involved in working towards a resolution with the courts. Often times, there are plea deals to be worked out if it will benefit both sides interest. Our Coatesville, Pennsylvania DUI lawyers are skilled when it comes to negotiating these deals so that your criminal record is less impacted. As well,  jail time and fines can be lessened.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming & confusing to anyone. This holds true whether you are a first time DUI offender or subsequent offender. Our Phoenixville PA DUI defense attorneys will help you to fully explore your options so you can make the most educated decision regarding your case.

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To schedule a free consultation regarding your DUI case please contact our Kennett Square PA DUI defense lawyers about your case. They will protect your rights, freedom and reputation.