Drugs & Driving Accidents

Drugged Driving Accidents

In todays society the use of prescription and illegal drugs is more prevalent than ever. The prescription drugs are commonly prescribed for a plethora of ailments, syndromes & disorders including: Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Pain Management among others. Illegal drugs are typically used as a form of self medicating where getting high or getting intoxicated is the goal. With the astronomical rise in the amount of prescribed drugs in our society there is also a considerable spike in the amount of Drugged Driving Accidents. These are accidents involving recreational drug or prescription narcotics instead of alcohol. Despite the fact that these prescriptions explicitly say not to drive or operate machinery while taking medication people do not adhere to these warnings. In addition, the use of recreational drugs and operating a motor vehicle while on them is ever increasing in today’s world. With that, you can be hurt, injured or killed in a Narcotics Induced DUI Accident without the negligent driver having consumed any alcohol. Call a Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer to help you with your charges.

Common Prescription Drugs Associated with Drugged Driving Accidents

Prescription drugs that are commonly associated with automobile accidents can be painkillers, hypnotic, sleeping medications, ADD/ADHD medications, anti-anxiety medications and muscle relaxers.

* Percocet
* Ambien
* Vicodin
* Aderal
* Xanax
* Phenergan
* Valium
* Flexeril

Common Recreational Drugs Associated with Drugged Driving Accidents

Recreation or ‘street drugs’ that are commonly involved with a drugged driving accident can exert several effects on mood or personality such as: excitement, hallucinations, extreme relaxation and drowsiness. They can be:

* Cocaine
* Ecstasy
* Marijuana
* Heroin
* Methamphetamines
* Crack Cocaine

Types of Injuries Sustained in Drugged Driving Accidents

* Sternum Injuries
* Head Injuries
* Joint Injuries
* CNS Injuries
* Ligament Injuries
* Wrongful Death

Beat a Drug DUI

Being injured in a Drugged Driving accident can be an incredible stressful and convoluted legal battle. Media, Pennsylvania Auto Accident Attorney George Donze is well equipped to handle your Drugged Driving Accident claim. Being a good Drugged Driving Accident Lawyer involves examining evidence, accident scene and medical history. Determining whether or not the medications are legally prescribed is an important factor. Mr. Donze will work tirelessly to demonstrate whether or not the defendant took the prescribed drug at the prescribed, therapeutic level or above.

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