Driving With Suspended License

Driving With Suspended License

Are you facing serious traffic violations such as driving with suspended license in Chester County, Pennsylvania? Do you know what a conviction may mean in terms of administrative, financial and legal penalties? You need an experienced West Chester traffic ticket lawyer to help you through this and protect your driving privileges.

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Pennsylvania Driving With Suspended License Laws

It is against the law in Chester County, Pennsylvania to drive or operate an automobile or motorcycle without a valid drivers license. A drivers license suspension is typically a result of unresolved traffic violations or repeat traffic or moving violations. If the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) has suspended your drivers license and you are caught driving you will face severe fines, fees, legal penalties and possibly an extended license suspension period. In addition, you may face incarceration if caught driving with a suspended license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

West Chester Pennsylvania Traffic Violation Lawyer

Being caught operating a motor vehicle without a license in the Pennsylvania area can complicate your life on many levels. If you have been caught driving while your license is suspended in Chester County Pennsylvania you should consult with a skilled and experienced West Chester PA License Suspension Lawyer. Call Downingtown Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket Attorney George Donze at 610 444 8018. Or, email a Malvern Driving While Suspended Lawyer by clicking here.

Reasons for License Suspension in Chester County 

Penalties for Driving With a Suspended License

In Pennsylvania driving with a suspended license can bring with it very severe legal and administrative consequences. You can ultimately be facing up to 90 days in jail, fines of no less than $100.00 and possible license revocation. The exact circumstances and driving history will determine the actual extent of your consequences.

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