Cumulative Trauma Disorders

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A Cumulative Trauma Disorder is an injury that results from excessive, repeated minor stress, tears and strains to a soft tissue of the body with a sudden debilitating strain resulting in missed work time. CTD’s are not actual diseases or disorders themselves but rather refer to many common work related injuries. CTD’s are a concept used by healthcare providers to comprehend and explain the etiology, or origin, of a disease or workplace injury. Many work related back injuries can be explained with the CTD premise. An example of a CTD would be a healthcare worker lifting and moving patients routinely over a period of time with minimal discomfort, minimal pain and no missed work when suddenly they strain their back while performing a normal work related task and their back is injured to the extent that they miss work. Please connect with our Kennett Square work injury lawyers here. You can also visit our Chester County workers’ comp podcast here.

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Causes of Cumulative Trauma Disorders

There are many potential causes of CTD. Some of them include constant overuse, musculoskeletal tension, and nerve tension. Other causes may be psychosocial factors, mind-body interaction, improper lifting techniques and advancing in age.

Overuse is the most common cause of CTD. Once a joint, muscle or soft tissue is fatigued the likelihood of sustaining an injury greatly increases. Overworked muscles that do not have a chance to totally recover & recuperate can easily experience a CTD. Examples of this are workers whose job description involves a fair amount of manual intervention such as lifting, moving and gripping. In addition, working long hours, double shifts etc also make a worker more susceptible a Cumulative Trauma Disorder.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Cumulative Trauma Disorders

CTD symptoms begin very gradually. When the initial stress, strains and tears are occurring the victim may not even be aware of it. This is due to the strain being so minor that the body is able to recover at an equal or greater pace than the injuries occur. Some symptoms of CTD may be soreness, numbness, tingling and pain in the affected body part. Loss of strength and decreased range of motion are also common symptoms of a CTD. The most significant symptom comes from a sudden surge of pain or discomfort from what was formerly a tolerable routine work movement.

Only a physician can accurately diagnose your CTD. Diagnosing a CTD usually is done by the medical professional gathering a full history regarding your job, type of activities done at your job what happened leading up to the injury. There are no specific tests or evaluations to diagnose a CTD so obtaining a thorough medical history is imperative.

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