Kennett Square Premises Liability Attorney

When people walk down stairs or are shopping in a grocery store, they are not expecting to slip or fall and hurt themselves. If you do slip and fall and are injured, Pennsylvania premises liability law may entitle you to seek compensation for damages from the person who owns the property.

At Donze & Donze, our Premises Liability Lawyers seek financial compensation for people hurt in slip and fall accidents or trip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania. We have been achieving results for our clients since 1979. A serious slip and fall accident may involve:

  • Slipping on a wet floor that was not properly identified as wet
  • Tripping on debris in a grocery store aisle
  • Tripping over defective carpet or flooring in a department store
  • Falling down stairs when there was not a handrail
  • Tripping on defective steps
  • Tripping over an electrical cord in a commercial building

Premises Liability Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

If you have suffered a permanent or serious injury, such as a back injury, hip injury or fractured wrist, we understand that no amount of money can bring your life back to the way you were living before the accident. What we can do, however, is help you move forward from the time of the accident. We do this in the ways we know how: by effective legal representation, sound legal counsel and caring, compassionate client service.

We will help you understand the mechanics of your premises liability case and how it will proceed through the legal system. We will tell you what we think the challenges and strengths of your case are. At all times, we will allow you to make the final decisions on how we move forward on your behalf.

Serious Cases Significant Results

We have seen serious injuries when adults have fallen down steps, slipped on ice or slipped on wet floors in retail establishments due to the negligence of the property owners. Many back and neck injuries only get worse over time. This future loss of capacity on any level will figure into any settlement or verdict that we achieve.

Prove it was an Accident Waiting to Happen

We will hire professionals who will quickly investigate the scene of the accident. Sometimes the way to proving a premises liability case is quite subtle. You may count on us to do the research and take the legal action that we believe will get results.

In one successful trip and fall case that left our client with a permanent injury, our engineer concluded that even a one-half inch deviation in a sidewalk level is a known tripping hazard.

Contact a Pennsylvania Premises Liability Lawyer

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