Product Liability Lawyers

The phrase Product Liability is a legal term that refers to any product you may purchase or use on a daily basis that is broken, defective or improperly designed. This product can ultimately cause you, your family or loved ones bodily harm and injury.

Defective Product Attorneys in Philadelphia

If you have been hurt or injured due to a defective product please know that you have rights. You do not have to face this alone, nor are you defenseless from a legal standpoint. Call The Law Office of Donze & Donze at 610-444-8018 to discuss your Delaware County or Chester County Product Liability Claim. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a Pennsylvania Product Liability Lawyer.

Types of Defective Items, Products and Merchandise

Practically anything you purchase at a store, outlet, through a catalog or online can be defective. Some common defective products that may allow you to seek legal recourse if purchased are:

  • Food
  • Appliances
  • Medications
  • Medical Equipment Or Devices
  • Automobile Parts And Accessories
  • Poorly Designed Automobiles
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Child Or Baby Products Such As Chairs And Strollers
  • Household Tools And Machinery

These products, as well as many others, can entitle you to medical and healthcare benefits and financial compensation if you have been hurt while using them. A skilled and experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney will determine the total value of your claim and get you the benefits and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Hire a Product Liability Attorney

After an accident or suffering an injury due to defective products in Chester County, Pennsylvania you may be faced with a number of problems and issues you did not have prior to the accident. For example, if your injuries required extensive medical care, treatment or medications you have have astronomical medical expenses both now and in the future. You may have missed work time due to your injuries and may be forced to deal with a loss of income. You may experience emotional trauma and depression due to being injured. All of these issues and others may arise following a Chester County PA Defective Product Injury. Retaining a qualified West Chester PA Faulty Product Lawyer will offer you peace of mind knowing that they will fight for your legal rights and compensation. This will allow you to focus on getting healthy again and getting your life back to what it was prior to the accident or injury.

Call a Delaware County Faulty Merchandise Lawyer

The Law Office of Donze & Donze has ample experience handling Philadelphia Area Defective Product claims. Contact Media PA Product Liability Lawyer George Donze at 610-444-8018 to schedule a free consultation. Or, email Mr. Donze here. He will get you the maximum amount of benefits and compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation by calling today.