Uninsured Driving Defense Attorneys

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has minimum mandatory automobile insurance requirements that all automobile owners must adhere to. At the very least, you must have liability insurance. These requirements are for everyones safety as they protect you, your loved ones and other drivers in event of an auto accident. Frequently car insurance premiums are very expensive and sometimes unaffordable. However, you need to be aware that if you are convicted of operating a motor vehicle without insurance there are minimum fines and a loss of driving privileges. Thus, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania without valid insurance. If you are caught and convicted it carries with it a severe fine and loss of your right to legally operate a motor vehicle. In an attempt to reduce your charges, it makes sense to hire an experienced Uninsured Driving Defense Attorney from the Law Firm of Donze and Donze. Contact their Kennett Square law office today.

Driving Without Insurance Penalties In Pennsylvania

Since driving without insurance is a criminal offense and a civil offense in Pennsylvania there are a number of penalties associated once convicted. You will need to fight your case on two fronts: in court and in front of PennDOT. You may win in court but lose your case with PennDOT and be subject to civil penalties imposed by them. PennDOT also has the authority to suspend your driving privileges for 90 days for a first time conviction of driving without insurance in Pennsylvania. In order to restore your driving privileges, you will not only have to provide proof of insurance, but also pay restoration fees.

Contact a Pennsylvania Driving Without Insurance Attorney

Being charged with driving without insurance can cause you a considerable amount of aggravation on many levels such as financial, legal and professional. If your license is suspended your ability to remain employed may be impacted. It may make sense to call a skilled Kennett Square Traffic Ticket Lawyer to help protect your rights and driving privileges. Contact The Law Office of Donze & Donze at 610 444 8018. Or, reach a Chester County Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer here.

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