Car Accident Settlements

A car accident in the state of Pennsylvania, or any state in the nation, can be a particularly devastating experience. Physical injuries combining with mental and emotional stresses can cause these types of accidents to be some of the most traumatizing that a person can experience, and with this trauma often comes lofty medical expenses. […]

Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

Do I Have a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuit Case? Have you suffered an injury in Chester County, Pennsylvania or Delaware County, Pennsylvania? Was the injury due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence? Were your injuries caused by negligence on the part of a hospital group, corporation or business entity? Was the accident that caused the […]

Counterfeit Lipitor Settlement

The generic drug maker Ranbaxy pleaded guilty on Monday to federal drug safety violations and will pay $500 million in fines to resolve claims that it sold subpar drugs and made false statements to the Food and Drug Administration about its manufacturing practices at two factories in India, the company and federal prosecutors announced Monday. The settlement […]

NTSB Wants To Lower BAC Limit In Pennsylvania

States should reduce the blood-alcohol level that qualifies as drunken driving to 0.05% to reduce fatal crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended Tuesday. The risk of a crash at 0.05% is about half as much as at 0.08%, the limit in all states, according to a safety board report released Tuesday. “This is critical […]

Defective Baby Product Injuries

Defective Baby Products Lawyer Pennsylvania Few things are harder on a family than when an innocent and vulnerable baby is injured or killed by a product that is designed and marketed especially for them. Not only is an innocent child put in harm’s way, but the infant’s family are victimized as they experience the emotional […]